21 Creative Ways to Display Your Polaroids-Part 2

We shared a handful of inventive ideas for displaying your favorite instant photos last week. Here are eleven more creative ways to share your summer Polaroids and best Instagram pix…

11. Go vertical.  Attach Polaroids to a ribbon or a rope for a charming display, or dangle sleek, modern metal cables filled with photos, to maximize available wall space.

12. Create photo banners. Whether you are displaying a few memories or a decade’s worth, clipping instant photos to horizontal wires or strings is an easy way to add some fun and a personal touch to your space. Larger horizontal photo displays can either be clean and symmetrical, with matching colored clips to add contrast…or loosely layered on photo clip string with art and keepsakes, to add texture.

13. Put your photos to work. Framing interesting architectural details with your instant photo collection enhances their visual appeal. Try using your instants to dress up a doorway!

(Image: Mirrored, Polaroid on paper by Saatchi Art artist Alex Alexander)

14. Create a floor-to-ceiling inspiration board in your living room or office space.

15. Arranging and framing your best instant photos in a large symmetrical grid is a striking way to create a statement piece.

16. Single Polaroids can also be powerful, particularly when surrounded by a bright vintage frames.

(Image: Sea City, by Saatchi Art artist Rhiannon Adam)

17. Featuring a handful of colorful instants against a textured wall or painted brick adds some warmth and personality.

18. Vivid patterned washi tape is a fun and easy way to hang your Polaroids and instant photos, too.

19. Have more than just photos to share? Display some instant photos, grouped in larger frames, as part of a Salon style gallery wall, Washi-style.

20. Plant a creative seed, and make your own installation… let your Polaroids flower from a lit up branch against a textured colored wall.


(Image: Butterfly collector, a 24ct gold leaf Polaroid collage by Saatchi Art artist Andrew Millar)

21. Don’t underestimate the lasting appeal of black and white. If modern and minimal is more your thing, try clustering a few black and white photos together to create an elegant focal point.

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About the Author

Daryl Gammons-Jones is a contributor to Saatchi Art's blog. In addition to writing about art and design, she specializes in collecting, creating, and producing images for a diversity of creative endeavors.