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Pattern Power: Bohemian Interior Inspirations

If you love rich, saturated colors, layers of eye-catching textiles, and eclectic accents with a sense of history, Bohemian patterns are the perfect way to spice up your home. Take a look at these one-of-a-kind interiors for a little boho inspiration.

Layering red and blue patterns and textures adds interest to this cozy living room, while a large wooden framed mirror leans against the back wall reflecting ample light, offering a focal point within the eclectic décor and contributing to the feeling of spaciousness.

My Houzz: Bohemian Home Inspired by Organic 1970s Design
(Image: Photo by Ellie Lillstrom Photography, courtesy of Houzz)

One sofa is worth 1,000 words. Consider adding one amazing principal piece of furniture to introduce some texture into your room and help tie in statement artwork.

New York City Loft
(Image: Designed by Deborah French Designs, Photography by Yiorgos Kordakis, courtesy of Houzz)

Every day is a good day for flowers, like this pretty floral patterned bedspread, beautifully bringing a feeling of nature inside.

My Houzz: Layers of Patina and an Artist’s Touch in a New York Colonial
(Image: Photo by Rikki Snyder, courtesy of Houzz)

The appeal of bohemian pattern isn’t just about textiles. Take a look at the artful tile work in this unique colorful stairwell

Golf Hammock Home Remodel
(Image: Photo by Stewart Construction, courtesy of Houzz)

Imagine what kind of artwork you could display above this gorgeous living room with fireplace, to complement the sky-high ceilings, or  relaxing low furniture paired with floor cushions.

Marrakesh by Design Morrocan Homes Maryam Montague
(Image: Designed by Maryam Montague, Photography by Artisan Books, courtesy of Houzz)

Adding even one patterned piece can instantly make your room feel more exotic, like this Tibetian Carpet. It’s the room’s golden focal point, and complements both the antiqued distressed wooden bed and brick wall.

"Chenden" Ralo handmade rug hanging in actor B.D. Wong
(Image: Designed by Ralo (Tibet Carpet), Photography by Trevor Tondro, courtesy of Houzz)

If your budget is limited, or you’re not sure you’re ready to join the bohemian caravan, start small with accessories. Adding some colorful textured pillows or plants to accompany your artwork is an easy way to introduce bohemian flair to your interiors and add a comfortable vibe.

Boho Retreat
(Image: Photo by Kirsten Marie Inc – KMI, courtesy of Houzz)

Window shades, pillows, and bedside tables are all great ways to infuse your room with accent colors and patterns without breaking the bank.

Urban Garden
(Image: Photo by Rasa en Détail, courtesy of Houzz)

Feeling partial to pattern? Check out Saatchi Art’s latest collection of artwork Inspired by Bohemian Patterns.