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Inspired Imagination: Surreal Interiors

If you’re ready to revamp your space for fall, why not consider adding a Surrealist spin? Introducing some off-kilter or eclectic elements or fantastical works of art to your space can be an entertaining way to make the familiar feel new again. As a side benefit, re-imagining or rearranging your surroundings often sparks your creativity in other ways, too.

Looking to channel some unique design inspiration?  Sit back and ponder these awesome interiors for a few ideas on how to unleash more imagination into your decor.

A floating library saves space and adds charm to this home, while leaving lots of room for displaying small artwork, colorful textiles and collectibles.

Untitled Project
(Image: Photo by Andrew Snow Photography, Courtesy of Houzz)

Superimposed statement art like this suggests a multitude of spaces where alternate reality is possible, adding a feeling of mystique and wonder.

(Image: Gate featured in Saatchi Art’s Surrealist Collection by artist Kevin Corrado)

Surrealism is about breaking  down the barriers between inside and out; an exotic way to introduce a feeling of openness and comfort to your home. An accent wall mimicking its outdoors definitely helps bring the outside in…

Wisconsin Modern Riverfront Residence
(Image: Photo by dSPACE Studio Ltd, Courtesy of Houzz)

… while a mini greenhouse brings an added feeling of depth to this bright city loft. Tall windows overlooking the city and an interior garden of lush plants adds a touch of the great outdoors.

The Glass Farmhouse Loft
(Image: Photo by Andrea Ferrari, Design by Kit Republic, Courtesy of Houzz)

Here’s one more beautiful boho inside-out space…Imagine displaying some surreal photography or paintings in here.

My Houzz: Welcoming Boho Design in a Colorful 1927 Bungalow
(Image: Photo by Alexandra Crafton, Courtesy of Houzz)

Drawing the eye up is another way to increase the sense of spaciousness in your rooms. This chic Fornasetti-themed home office is enough to make anyone want to do their work from home…

The masculine study
(Image: Photo by Optimise Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

…and, Fornasetti’s cloud wallpaper adds an ethereal feeling to this elegant bedroom.

Newcastle Apartment
(Image: Photo by Jane Kelly, Design by Horton & Co. Designers, Courtesy of Houzz)

Try combining your favorite flea market finds, art and vintage photographs to create a Surrealist-style vignette.

(Image: Photo by Jonnie Andersen, Courtesy of Houzz)

Well-placed windows and doors double as works of art and add a feeling of expansiveness and light.

Eagle Ridge
(Image: Photo by Will Austin Photography, Design by Gary Gladwish Architecture, Courtesy of Houzz)

High irregular stairwells guide your eye to the high ceilings, making this minimally surreal space feel endless, as if you are walking into a dream.

Waterfront Retreat
(Image: Photo by Bruce Palmer Interior Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

Visit Saatchi Art’s Inspired by Surrealism and Inspired by Man Ray Collections now for more other-worldly art.