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Inspired by Deco: Style in the Vein of Hotel Cortez

No matter how you feel about the script or the story line so far, it’s impossible to deny the sheer fabulousness of the set designs featured in American Horror Story this season. Hotel Cortez’s elegant interiors are made even more compelling by the whispers of decay that surround them. A treasure trove of Art Deco inspiration and the haunting glamour of days gone by awaits behind the doors for all viewers brave enough to uncover their eyes.

If you’re looking for elegance, craving a dose of decadence, or love the patterns, shapes and textures of Deco as much as I do, check in to these images gathered in the spirit of Hotel Cortez and prepare to be inspired…

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre’s amazing photographic portrait of Detroit’s Vanity Ballroom really captures Art Deco’s ability to shine through the degeneration that surrounds it.

Learn more about Detroit’s Vanity Ballroom here. 

Does eye-catching geometric pattern make your heart beat a little faster? Take a look at this dizzyingly beautiful mosaic floor, photographed at a shopping mall in Eastern Berlin.

Learn more about Quartier 206 here.

Intriguing sculptural lighting is a fixture of Art Deco style. Pull up a chair at Claridge’s Fumoir Bar and take it all in…

Learn more about Claridge’s Fumoir Bar here.

If you’re looking for Hollywood-inspired decorative accents, try making over your room with an unforgettable rug. Oscar and Academy Award winner Catherine Martin, wife of Baz Luhrmann, and the celebrated production designer behind The Great Gatsby, teamed up with Designer Rugs to create an Art Deco inspired collection.

Learn more about Catherine Martin’s Designer Rugs Collection here.

Yes, you can believe your eyes! AKDO’s Allure Collection is really that luxurious, featuring exquisite Deco-style tile combined with metallic accents.

Learn more about AKDO’s Allure Collection here.

My Domaine recently featured an interview with AHS: Hotel’s uberdesigner, Ellen Brill. When asked to describe her design philosophy, Brill suggested  “Only buy what really speaks to you… If you really love it, you’ll always love it.”  Thoughtful advice, also good to keep in mind when selecting art.

Can’t wait until next week for more? Tune in to Saatchi Art’s
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