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Beautify Your Bedroom: Art Meets Wallpaper

If the idea of wallpaper in the bedroom makes you think of Grandma’s guest room, it’s time to reconsider. Home design experts at Zillow Digs recently named wallpaper’s return to the decorating scene as one of the Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2015. When combined well, wall covering and your favorite artwork can do even more to enhance each other’s visual appeal. Check out some of these beautiful bedrooms for inspiration:

This paper’s pattern is traditional but the black and white color scheme and framed photo add a modern twist. The result is casual elegance.

Mallin Cres - Master Bedroom
(Image: Photo by Virginia McDonald Photography, Design by Atmosphere Interior Design Inc., Courtesy of Houzz)

Gorgeous grasscloth fills the bedroom with texture and warmth and lets the vivid colors of the original art take center stage.

Plaza Towers Condo Renovation
(Image: Photo by Niki Papadopoulos, Courtesy of Houzz)

Extra large artwork complements this handsome 4-poster bed and adds to the spacious feeling offered by the soaring ceiling. A shared color scheme helps the art, wallpaper and headboard work together, while a difference in scale keeps things interesting.

Shooting Star Residence
(Image: Photo by Teton Heritage Builders, Courtesy of Houzz)

Covering the ceiling is a bold and fabulous choice in this dreamy nursery. The whimsical feel and colors of the wallpaper complement the colors and themes of the framed photograph below.

A Daydream Ceiling Blue & Orange Nursery
(Image: Photo by Courtney Apple, Design by Dina Holland Interiors, Courtesy of Houzz)

If you’re the type who’s afraid of commitment, consider using framed paper panels as a backdrop for art in the bedroom. A pair of wallpaper panels adds to the feeling of symmetry in this elegant guest room while providing an engaging backdrop for small artwork.

Shoshana Gosselin
(Image: Photo by Shoshana Gosselin, Courtesy of Houzz)

When combining wallpaper, art and décor, using different shades of the same color helps create a sense of unity and keeps things from feeling overwhelming.

Chelsea House
(Image: Photo by Thorp Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

Using a wide matte or a frame in a contrasting color helps your artwork to stand out and be noticed against a patterned paper.

Cape Cod
(Image: Photo by Durston Saylor, Design by Forehand + Lake, Courtesy of Houzz)

There’s strength in numbers. Grouping smaller works together into a grid makes them appear more pronounced against a patterned backdrop.

John Wilson Siddall House
(Image: Photo by Croma Design Inc., Construction by CanTrust Contracting Group, Courtesy of Houzz)

Minimal works with prominent white space really pop when placed against lively wallpapers. The art’s white space offers a peaceful focal point amidst a sea of pattern.

Australian Interior Design Awards 2015
(Image: Photo by Australian Design Awards, Courtesy of Houzz)

If you’re still warming up to the possibility of combining wallpaper and art in your bedroom, consider papering an accent wall behind the bed.  Accent walls are an affordable way to change up your space, and can add visual interest to your room while keeping your other walls free for displaying art, like these portraits adjacent the accent wall.

Upper East Side residence
(Image: Photo by Bruce Buck Photography, Design by Peter Pawlack Design Studio, Courtesy of Houzz)

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