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7 Tips to Creating an Inspired Entryway

If you’re looking for new ways to make your space feel more like home and inspire an inviting vibe, consider starting at the front door. Many entryways and foyers are blank canvases, and offer great opportunities to increase the style and functionality of your space.

Read on for 7 décor elements that really make an entrance…

1) Keep it light. Few things are less welcoming than a dark hallway, so keep lighting in mind when you’re designing your entryway. Whether you decide to use a pendant or chandelier, table lamps, sconces or string lights, entryway lighting offers up valuable clues about your personal style, and can help set the mood for your space. Statement lighting doubles as sculpture, and adds additional visual appeal.

(Image: Photo by Piston Design, Design by JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction, Courtesy of Houzz)

2) Make room for rugs. Including a patterned or textured rug helps define your entryway and can enhance the look of wood, tile and stone flooring while protecting it. Long runners help create a pathway to draw visitors into your space.

(Image: Photo by Julie Dasher Rug, Courtesy of Houzz)

3) Take a seat. Try to include at least one seat in your entryway if space permits. Choose something light and portable, and you always have extra seating for a party or last minute get together, too.

(Image: Photo by D Randolph Foulds Photography, Design by Lauren Nicole Designs, Courtesy of Houzz)

4) Stash your stuff. Even an elfish entryway is an opportunity to increase your storage space and keep things organized. Put those cubbies and baskets to work! In small spaces, pair space saving floating shelves with art above, to create the illusion of a foyer, and design a drop zone for all your essentials. If you’re looking for more space to display art and photos, and books, don’t forget about using the top entryway shelves.

(Image: Photo by Amy Aidinis Hirsch, Courtesy of Houzz)

5) Pause for reflection. Decorative mirrors offer a chance for one last look before leaving to begin the day, and a chance for your guests to freshen up upon arrival. Mirrors magically make small spaces feel more spacious and well lit, and can be a flattering companion for your art and decorative collections, too.

(Image: Photo by Tara Striano, Design by Bennett Leifer Interiors LLC, Courtesy of Houzz)

6) Experiment with pattern and color. Adding an artful accent wall, vivid furnishings or bright accessories to your entryway is a terrific way to introduce a new color or pattern you have been wanting to try into your décor.

(Image: Photo by Susan Gilmore, Design by Fiddlehead Design Group, LLC, Courtesy of Houzz)

7) Appoint your art Ambassador. Displaying artwork and photography in your entryway or foyer is a wonderful way to welcome your guests and to greet yourself after a busy day. Try hanging paired artwork or a small gallery wall above a console table, or hanging small works in the space around the doorway. If you have a grand foyer, don’t miss an opportunity to make a statement and display one of your favorite larger works. Sharing some of your art collection in the entryway creates a lasting and inviting impression of your home, while opening the door for engaging conversation.

(Image: Photo by Emily Followill, Design by Catherine M. Austin Interior Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

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