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5 of Our Favorite Ways to Showcase Sculpture at Home

Decorating with original sculpture is an easy and effective way to take your interiors to another dimension, and there are excellent options for every space, no matter its size or your home décor budget. Explore the images below and see 5 of our favorite ways to show off original sculpture at home:

1  ) When you’re styling living room, dining room and bedroom shelves, reach for sculpture. Placing a few engaging sculptural forms among the books and framed artwork helps break things up and adds interest to your displays.

Tigertail Ridge - Architectural
(Image: Photo by Mike Kelley, Design by Susan Jay Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

2  ) If you’re looking for new ways to revamp your existing framed artwork, furnishings and other decorative elements, try layering in some sculpture to add height or texture and make things feel brand new again.

(Image: Photo by Thom Filicia Inc., Courtesy of Houzz)

Redecorate mantels, side tables, and ledges by creating your own vignettes with a combination of small sculpture, framed art photography, and drawings; Mirrors pair well with sculpture too.

3  ) If you prefer clean and modern interiors, wall sculptures are a winning way to add contrasting textures, dimension, and color to your interiors, while keeping furniture and floors uncluttered.

These natural wooden wall sculptures adds geometric dimension and warmth to a minimal white interior, while complimenting the simplicity of the interior.

Reinterpreted Mid-Century
(Image: Photo by Edward Butera, Design by Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

Abstract sculptures like this made from Chinaware can add interest to your rooms, especially fitting for dinner areas like this.

Jane Lockhart Kylemore Custom Home
(Image: Photo by Jane Lockhart Interior Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

4  ) If you want to grab people at “hello,” try installing some original sculpture in your entryway. One-of-a-kind sculpture is a fantastic attention getter, and placing your art on a pedestal makes it feel especially rich. Pair classic figurative forms with modern paintings, lush sculptural plants, or contemporary art photos and watch heads turn!

Napa Valley Showhouse
(Image: Photo by Kathy Best Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

If your entryway is especially grand, feature some eye-catching sculpture in the middle of it all and allow visitors a closer look.

(Image: Photo by Brantley Photography, Design by Arnold Schulman Design Group, Courtesy of Houzz)

5  ) If you have the space to play, let your sculpture steal the show! Life-sized — or larger than life — statement works are stunning all on their own, provided your home has the space to pull off this kind of display. Go bold and feature large freestanding sculpture to really make a statement.

Glass Railing Staircases
(Image: Photo by Arcways, Inc., Courtesy of Houzz)

This chic dining room is a gorgeous gallery of figurative and abstract sculptural forms. Try featuring a large figurative sculpture as a focal point on your formal table.

Arnold Schulman
(Image: Photo by Brantley Photography, Design by Arnold Schulman Design Group, Courtesy of Houzz)


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