How to Decorate with Ombré

Love ombré? Curious how to make it work for your home? Read below for tips and inspiration from Saatchi Art curator Hayley Miner.

Colors fading from light to dark or dark to light evokes a breathtaking setting sun or the receding mountains in the vast land of the west. This technique will enhance any interior and elevate it into an unusual setting for a serene and sensual bedroom.

Pink Ombre Wall

Ombré means to shade, to shadow or to shade into each other. This type of color scheme allows the eye to transition into a softer palette while giving off a romantic and dramatic effect, both of which is an inspiring technique for any decorator.

Blue Ombre Walls

If you are unsure where to begin your ombré look, I suggest you begin with the wall as a focal point of your room.

Salmon Ombre room

Feeling uber-creative? I encourage you to attempt the gradation effect with paint. The paint samples at your local paint store is typically arranged by each color family so it would be easy to pick out a range of 8 shades for example of the same color.

Light Blue Dark Blue Ombre Wall

Then, all you need is a brush, some painters’ tape and you can have a ball creating your own breathtaking ombré-fide wall.

Pink Ombre Wallpaper

Alternatively, wallpaper companies have a large selection of this type of design for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty.

Chartreuse Ombre Curtains

And if that’s too daunting of a commitment (for us commitment-phobes!), try installing ombré curtains or accent accessories like pillows or throw rugs, with the same luscious look.

Purple Grey Ombre Curtains

With this ombré effect, you could enrich your already colorful bedroom or turn an all white, intentionally spare and modern interior instantly into a mood-transforming space that adds whimsy and drama.

Red Yellow Ombre Room

What bedroom doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment?! The gradation of colors takes it from good-looking to sensational looking!


The pièce de résistance is always a beautiful work of art that would take it up a notch and pull it all together.

Take a look at our curated collection of art for your newly ombré-d home.