3 Steps To A DIY Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are one design trend we hope never goes out of style. Whether your art collection is eclectic or specific, an art wall is the perfect, high impact way to bring all of your original artworks together.

Follow this simple guide from our friends at to create your own art wall in 3 easy steps. Want even more inspiration? We’ve pulled together some of our favorite examples of gallery walls below. With so many possibilities to explore, get ready to create the perfect art wall for your style and space.



A gallery wall is the perfect way to display a grouping of similar artworks, or to bring together a collection of mix and match pieces. When selecting pieces for your art wall, the subject and medium of your artworks matters less than the color and size of the pieces. Look for artworks with complementary color palettes and a nice variety of small and large pieces.

How to hang a gallery wall inspiration
A curated collection of figurative artwork lends a sophisticated slant to this gallery wall. (Image: House to Home)


This poppy, mixed-media gallery complements the size and orientation of the wall, as well as the palette of the room’s decor.

Gallery wall inspiration diy saatchi art
Minimalist frames in natural tones let the artwork stay front and center. (Image: Style by Emily Henderson)


A more masculine take on the art wall, we love the way the bold, abstract artworks span all the way from sofa to ceiling. Just be sure to leave a few inches above and below your highest & lowest artworks, respectively, to ensure your collection doesn’t look cramped.

Masculine Art Wall Saatchi Art
Don’t be afraid to use the whole space when mapping out your gallery wall. (Image: Zeke Ruelas)


If organic shapes aren’t your thing, hang artworks in a grid form for a more clean and polished look.

Photography Art Wall Inspiration
Tip: this style looks best with artworks of the same color, subject and/or medium. (Image: The Life Observed)


A grid art wall necessitates more homogeneity in subject matter and medium than the more relaxed, organic shapes of traditional gallery walls. To nail this look, you’ll want to stick with one medium, one frame type and 1-2 subject matters. You will also want to stick with one color palette. We love the black and white photography example above.

(Image: Neogren)


Check out our Art For a Gallery Wall Collection for great pieces of all sizes to compliment any collection. Happy hanging!

About the Author

Caitlin Bray is the Senior Marketing Manager at Saatchi Art. She studied History and Art History at Yale University. Her mother is a fine artist and her dog is a mystery mutt named Louise.