One to Watch

Agata Żychlińska

Agata Żychlińska is a young emerging artist who is currently studying painting at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. In her paintings, she takes on day-to-day, ordinary subjects. She is interested in color, form, and shape; although her works are figurative in nature, they are nonetheless abstracted representations of the human form. Agata believes strongly that the foundation of a successful painting is drawing – hence, the ‘sketchiness’ of the figures that animate her compositions. Agata has exhibited in Poland, including at the Gallery of Fine Arts, Gdansk, and Gallery MD S Wroclaw.

What are the major themes you pursue in your work?  
The main topic of my art is humanity, and everyday things that constantly surround us. I am focused on the home sphere, intimacy, and neighborhoods. My goal is to record the casual in life: trivial situations that are not worth the effort of preserving, such as eating meals, washing your hair, or watching TV. I observe these situations and then photograph them, and then by using paint I give them deeper meaning. Purposeful deformations of characters have to show the hidden drama of everyday life. This is my own language which I use to comment on reality, but also to create my own narratives.

I also cannot hide the fact that I am very often inspired by random photographs found on the Internet, newspapers, or even photos which my friends upload to Facebook.

What was the best advice given to you as an artist?
I have received many pieces of advice, usually from my professors, during my studies at school. However, the most important advice I have ever heard was, “Do not try to copy reality, because this is simian agility. Instead, try to define reality on your own.”
Another important tip I received was: for each minute of painting, allocate five other minutes to observe the object you are painting.

Prefer to work with music or in silence?
I definitely prefer to work with music, but not just any music. It must be selected properly: it cannot be tiring to listen to during long hours of creating. I rather prefer listening to loud music, and very often I am listening to my favorite radio broadcast.

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?
This is a very difficult question, but I think I would pick one of the pieces made by the famous Polish artist, Teresa Pągowska. Unfortunately, I cannot pick just one! Another choice would be Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

Who are your favorite writers?
I usually read whatever happens to fall into my hands. But if I should pick some writers, they would be: George Orwell, Stephen King, and J. R. R. Tolkien.