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Collector Favorites: Bestselling Artists of March

Ever wondered what other people are buying for their personal art collections? Though your tastes may differ, seeing what others are purchasing can help you discover new artists whose works you might not otherwise have considered.

Below, meet 5 artists who have proven to be popular favorites with our collectors. For more ideas, browse our recently sold works and contact our curators who can help you find similar works in your budget.

Maria Folger

Los Angeles-based artist Maria Folger creates feminine portraits of sun-kissed women. Combining beautiful female figures with playful tongue-in-cheek details, Maria creates youthful compositions that bring life and whimsy to any space. Maria has exhibited at The Other Art Fair and been featured in Saatchi Art’s print catalog. See more of Maria’s work here.

Per Anders

Danish artist Per Anders paints expressive and bright abstract paintings. His abstract florals and landscapes focus on color and shape, creating an overall positive feeling in the viewer. Formerly a dentist, Per chose to pursue his art making full-time. His work has been featured in Saatchi Art’s print catalog, and he has exhibited extensively in his home country of Denmark. See more of Per’s work here

Antoinette Kelly

France-based British artist Antoinette Kelly combines lush foliage with fantastical characters in her fairytale landscapes. Her work invites the viewer to enter into her imaginative, playful, and sometimes surreal world. Antoinette received her BA in graphic design from Southampton Institute and has exhibited across the United Kingdom and Europe. See more of Antoinette’s work here

Egor Zigura

Ukranian sculpture artist Egor Zigura synthesizes the modern and the classical in his exploration of form. Often pulling inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, Egor highlights the issue of identity in the multicultural world. Egor holds two degrees in Fine Art and formerly taught sculpture and graphic art at Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University, Ukraine. His work is held in public and private collections across the globe. See more of Egor’s work here.

Daniela Schweinsberg

German painter Daniela Schweinsberg’s boldly gestural abstract paintings capture a vivacious energy through strong colors and heavy brushstrokes. Working in many layers, she continues altering the composition until the final finished artwork has evolved as a composition of color, shape, texture, and surface. Daniela has been featured in the Saatchi Art print catalog and has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions internationally. See more of Daniela’s work here.