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Collector Favorites: Bestselling Artists of January

Ever wondered what other people are buying for their personal art collections? Though your tastes may differ, seeing what others are purchasing can help you discover new artists whose works you might not otherwise have considered.

Below, meet 5 artists who have proven to be popular favorites with our collectors. For more ideas, browse our recently sold works and contact our curators who can help you find similar works in your budget.

Aurélia Durand

Multidisciplinary artist Aurélia Durand celebrates and reconnects with her African heritage through her brightly colored large-scale portraits. Aurélia studied art and design in Denmark and France, and recently relocated to Paris in 2021 after a long residency in Copenhagen. Her work which focuses on joy and pride in identity has been featured on multiple book covers and other collaborations. Aurélia’s work has also recently been exhibited in both Paris and London. See more of Aurélia’s work here.

Alejandro Vega Beuvrin

Architect-turned-sculptor Alejandro Vega Beuvrin uses modern technical processes to create pieces in a variety of formats designed to maintain a relationship with urban or more intimate spaces. Alejandro’s sculptures are affected by the politics of his native Venezuela, and his first metal sculptural creation was commissioned in 2015 by the city of Caracas. Since 2015, he has received recognition for his artwork in Venezuela, Spain, and France. See more of Alejandro’s work here

Suzanne Vaughan

Inspired by her childhood in New Zealand, painter Suzanna Vaughan captures the fresh vitality of nature’s essence infused with uplifting energy to convey hope and optimism through her soft, atmospheric landscapes. Suzanne’s work has been featured in Saatchi Art catalogs and resides in corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the UK. See more of Suzanne’s work here

Alain Castoriano

Formerly an Art Director and Creative Director in France, artist Alain Castoriano began to focus on his painting in 2000 and moved to Miami in 2006, where he creates his vibrant and playful abstract works. He graduated from the prestigious Ecole National Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs in Paris with a specialization in Visual Communication. Alain’s work resides in many private collections and has been featured in the Saatchi Art catalog. See more of Alain’s work here.

Heidi Thompson

Canadian painter Heidi Thompson strives to create light and color-filled abstract paintings that illuminate, soothe, and revitalize the human spirit. After studying abroad in Europe for several years, Heidi received her BFA from Open University of British Columbia. Since 1978, Heidi has taken part in many group and solo exhibitions internationally and her work has also been featured in the Saatchi Art catalog. See more of Heidi’s work here.