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Three Ways Artists Put a Twist on Artwork Packaging

Selling your artwork online is all sorts of fun. When it comes time to package and ship, there are a few ways to put a personal spin on it. Why? Aside from the fact can it build brand recognition in your practice, collectors appreciate and notice the intimate details that sweeten the overall experience.

No need to go overboard with it. Below are a few quick examples of our artists who went the extra mile.

Dress it up

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Diana Roig echoes the exuberant energy of her abstracts in the packaging. Wooden crate or tube, she makes your average “fragile” warning seem somehow much less foreboding.

READY FOR TAKE OFF @saatchiart #painting #kreetbilding #Rotterdam

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Looks matter

Veneta Karamfilova’s gorgeous limited edition is truly a full package (Image: Veneta’s Instagram)

Taking a holistic approach to your work not only indicates professionalism, but impresses upon collectors the quality of your work. Putting in the effort and time to create a business card or small postcard print with your name, Saatchi Art URL, handles, or website is a great way to ensure collectors (and possibly their friends) can easily get in touch again. Take a leaf from Veneta’s book and wrap it all up nicely with a complimentary bow.

Make it personal


When our Product Manager Darcy Ryan ordered her first piece from Kasia Gawron, she was no less than charmed to find a little note accompanying it. If Darcy’s reaction is any indication, collectors will notice and appreciate human touches. Without getting too sappy, there is a special relationship that exists between an artist and collector, so chances to immortalize that are no less than precious.

Whether you’re new to selling, or an old pro, adding your own personal touches can forge a connection between you and a collector that keeps them coming back.

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