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Virtual Editions: Meet Katerina Christina

This November we launched our second Global Virtual Edition of The Other Art Fair, with over 200 artists from 29 different countries! The Global Virtual Editions runs from the 8th November until the 29th of November 2021. To enter and browse a huge range of artistic styles click here.

Meet Katerina Christina one of our Global Virtual Editions Artists…

We asked Global Virtual Editions Artist Katerina Christina a few questions about her practice… Click here to enter Katerina’s booth at The Virtual Edition

Reflections of a City [San Francisco, CA, USA] – Limited Edition 2 of 15 Photograph | Katerina Christina

How and when did you begin your journey as a photographer?

I first picked up a camera in 2018 during my last year as a mechanical engineering student at Stanford. This was the first time I had ever seriously considered elements of composition and their ability to either attract us to an image over and over again, or to leave us wanting more. I wanted my first photographic series to incorporate those elements of my personality, and to serve as a daily journal to help me document these small moments of intrigue—to remind myself of the little joys in life despite all of the stress I was under at the time. Drawing from these sources of influence, I photographed the same pair of shoes at various locations, and all from my perspective (this turned out to be my first exploration of a type of self-portraiture that I would later delve into much more methodically).

Catharsis [Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil] – Limited Edition 3 of 15 Photograph | Katerina Christina

What are some of your favorite works?

At the end of 2018 I spent a month in Europe, and it was then that, for the first time, I began thinking about what I learned regarding composition, light, and form, but in public spaces and therefore in the realm of street photography as opposed to with respect to an object. Some of my favorite images to this day are photographs from that trip in locations such as Rome, Paris, Monaco, and London—I love looking back at them to see where my mind was at that time, as well as to acknowledge how far I’ve come. It wasn’t until the spring of 2019 though that I really understood street photography and made a commitment to dedicate myself to it as an art form.

A Study of Contours, No. 1 – Limited Edition 2 of 15 Photograph | Katerina Christina

Who or what are the main subjects you photograph, and why?

The majority of my street photography work falls into the ‘Quiet Moments in the Chaos’ series— this body of work extracts and captures a serene moment happening with the backdrop of a chaotic city. A prime example of this series is “A Moment of Peace” shot in Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where you see a young boy letting go and completely surrendering to nature as he lets the incoming waves crash over his body. I see this as an incredibly peaceful moment, in which nothing else matters and there is a willingness to let oneself be enveloped by the emotions of the moment and to put the stresses of daily life aside.

A Moment of Peace [Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil] – Limited Edition 1 of 15 Photograph | Katerina Christina

Where do you see your practice going in the next few years?

I would love for my work to continue to make its way into the homes of collectors who see the beauty, value, and uniqueness of each piece. Eventually, I would also like to publish a book detailing my street and studio photography, as well as my documentary series ‘Shattered Glass’ with the hopes of inspiring women around the world to pursue careers in male-dominated industries.

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