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Saatchi Art x Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Last week at the Eden Roc Hotel Miami Beach, Saatchi Art hosted a special evening with Bulleit Frontier Whiskey to celebrate the launch of the Bulleit Neon Collection with artist and “Neon Queen” Lisa Shulte. The neon collection, curated by Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson and available exclusively at the online gallery, features 13 neon bottles alongside a number of other collectable neon artworks by Lisa and select Saatchi Art artists. Guests enjoyed the glowing display of Messages in a Bottle while celebrity DJ Harley Viera-Newton set the vibe for the perfect art night out.

^ Rebecca Wilson (left), Chief Curator at Saatchi Art, with The Neon Queen, Lisa Schulte. (Photo: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images.)

Renowned as the preeminent neon bender of her generation, Schulte has forged new frontiers in art and color. Motivated in part by losing her sight in a freak accident at the age of seven, for months she lived in darkness as her eyes were covered in patches and doctors worked to restore her sight.  When the bandages were removed, Schulte found that not only had she recovered her vision, but she’d gained a perspective and appreciation for light that few could ever truly understand. Decades later, her brush with blindness continues to inspire her work.

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DJ Harley Viera-Newton sets the vibe. (Photo: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images.)

Artist Lisa Shulte with her Message in a Bottle neon. (Photo: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images.)

(Photo: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images.)

All proceeds from the sale of Lisa’s Message In A Bottle works will go to the Museum of Neon Art (MONA) for the restoration of historic neon signage.

Discover the complete Bulleit Neon Collection curated by Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson to see Lisa Shulte’s Messages in a Bottle, alongside select limited edition neon works by Lisa and other neon artists.

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