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London: Artist List Announced

We embrace art in all forms; whether it’s the painting that makes you think, the sculpture that makes you question, or the artist that inspires you. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself because our artist list for The Other Art Fair London is now live! Join us from 13 – 16 October at The Truman Brewery, Shoreditch to meet over 150 forward-thinking and inspiring emerging artists, discover 1000s of artworks suiting every budget and style, and get involved in our unique visitor features.

Anil Mistry (above): Combines his keen interest in art and design to create these nostalgic interpretations of urban landscapes and warm natural scenes. Anil’s new body of work uses hand cut stencils, vintage graph papers and spray and acrylic paint to build textures and layers, referencing the complexity of the underlying structures of our cities.

Liz Whiteman-Smith (above): is a London-based artist specialising in multi-layered screenprints working from her own photographs and drawings. Liz has a range of landscapes and subjects in her works ranging from favourite local pubs in London to tranquil scenes from her recent travels from Japan. Liz most recently exhibited for the first time at the Fair in July 2022 and we’re thrilled to have her back for a second time.

James D Wilson (above): James D Wilson is an artist and designer based in South East London, working predominantly in paint and relief on layered surfaces constructed from cardboard and wood. James’ talent with colours draws you to his work instantly; by choosing the perfect shade of pink to celebrate the vibrant red, or the more subtle shade of yellow to make the adjacent green really shine. 

Mish Maudsley (above): Mish Maudsley, or Mishfit as she is known in the street art world, occupies the hinterland between street art and fine art painting. Mishfit’s more recent series, created in her studio in Brighton, embraces a more refined approach and is inspired by forces of nature, human emotion and wanderlust.