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Introducing Multiple Images

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Now you can see how an artwork might look from a different point of view

We’re excited to announce a new feature on Saatchi Art: Multiple Images for an Artwork. There are a myriad of reasons why having additional views of a single artwork is helpful. Whether it’s a stunning closeup detail of a painting or seeing how a sculpture looks from different angles, multiple images of an artwork are going to change your art buying experience for the better.


See sculptures from more than one angle

With this new feature, it is now much easier for you to get a sense of sculptures on Saatchi Art. Rather than requiring several uploads of images in an artist’s portfolio to see the sculpture from different angles, artists can now upload supporting images on the main art detail page for the work.


berga3             berga4

Multiple images also make seeing a 2-dimensional work easier, too.



Now artists can show you close-up shots…



and even how the edge of a painting looks:




An artist can also show you how an artwork looks framed…


hare2     hare1


or hanging on a wall, which can help you visualize the scale…







We cannot wait for you to discover artwork that you love, with the new option of being able to see it from several different points of view.