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4 Saatchi Art Artists Who Echo Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper, one of the preeminent realist painters of twentieth century America, was born July 22nd, 1882 in Upper Nyack, NY. Raised in a middle class family where his artistic talents were encouraged, Hopper studied at the New York School of Art at the turn of the century.

‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

He is best known for his oil paintings of contemporary urban and rural life, capturing small details like sunshine on the sides of buildings, and lonely tableaus of people sitting at parisian cafés. Hopper’s works reflect his personal affinities and vision of society. Of his works, Hopper observed: “The painter paints to reveal himself through what he sees.” 

In honor of Hopper’s birthday, we take a look at four Saatchi Art artists who echo Hopper’s style, approach or vision.

Chin H Shin

‘A Rainy Day Walker’ by Chin H Shin (Image via Saatchi Art)

Artist Chin H Shin is an American realist painter whose work has been centered on New York City landscapes for the past several years. Like Hopper, he finds himself fascinated with the street scenes of daily life, breaking them down into technicalities of light and color.

Keith Thomson

‘Rollergirls’ by Keith Thomson (Image via Saatchi Art)

Like a snapshot into American life, Keith Thomson’s photorealistic cartoons tell a narrative. Comedic to Hopper’s mysterious, Thomson employs a sombre palette and quiet backgrounds to create a palpable and silent tension between his subjects and their surroundings.

Pascal Fessler

‘THE TAILOR’ by Pascal Fessler (Image via Saatchi Art)

While Pascal Fessler’s works convey a sense of foreboding, the chiaroscuro city atmospheres in which he places his subject explore solitude and separation, mirroring Hopper’s fascination with the human experience in urban settings.

Patty Neal

‘In Alignment’ by Patty Neal (Image via Saatchi Art)

Whether depicting light on the side of a building, or a seascape flanked by rocky cliffs, Brooklyn artist Patty Neal’s geometric landscapes are unmistakably the product of an east coaster. Emphasizing geometry in her work, Patty’s interpretations of New York architecture and coastal seascapes share Hopper’s passion for the interaction of light and shadow upon his urban and rural surroundings.

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