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9 Amazing Artworks in the Spirit of Halloween

With Halloween on the horizon, why not enjoy a few of our favorite artworks created in the spooky spirit and treat yourself to some creative inspiration?


(Image: The Magus 02 – Edition Of 5 by Saatchi Art artist Dongwook Lee)


(Image: Subjugate by Saatchi Art artist Francis Reynolds)


(Image: Touch of Fear – Limited Edition of 20 by Saatchi Art artist Michal Zahornacky)


(Image: A dialogue of Silence – Limited Edition of 5 by Saatchi Art artist Veneta Karamfilova)


(Image: New Moon – Limited Edition of 10 by Saatchi Art artist Luigi Quarta)


(Image: Urbano by Saatchi Art artist Armando Villalón)


(Image: Ingress – Limited Edition of 10 by Saatchi Art artist Tommy Ingberg)


(Image: The Day The World Went Away – Limited Edition of 15 by Saatchi Art artist Michael Bilotta)


(Image: Death’s Celebration II by Saatchi Art artist Fernando Gomez Balbontin)   Explore our picks for some of the best enchantingly eerie art below, and be sure to vote for your favorites! Is your home howling for some hauntingly beautiful additions this season? Uncover an original treasure in Saatchi Art’s new Halloween Art Collection now…