One to Watch

Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern is a Lithuanian artist who originally studied to become an architect. In 2010, he decided to pursue a different creative path, and began to earnestly study photography. Since then, he has created several humorous and lighthearted photographic series whose main subjects concern the human subject.

The ‘Blow Job’ series is a collection of surreal portraits taken as a strong gust of wind blows back the features of the sitter. His ‘Comfort Zone’ series came about after Tadao noticed how, when one is lying on a beach, one forgets his or her usual concerns and acts in a wholly unguarded manner. By photographing these beachgoers in their unstaged, unbothered positions, Tadao accurately captures their ‘comfort zones.’ Finally, in his series, “Revealing the Truth,” Tadao reveals a new interpretation of Van Gogh’s iconic self-portrait in these bestselling prints.

Tado has exhibited throughout the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Romania, and Lithuania.