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Art Gift Ideas: Present Them With Prints

When you’re looking for a special way to show how much you appreciate the people who support you the most, why not present them with prints? Thousands of high quality art prints and framed prints are available on Saatchi Art for $100 or less, so the next time you’re looking for an affordable and lasting way to say thank you or happy holidays, skip the gift card and light up their holidays with art instead.

Some Ideas for Gifting With Contemporary Art Prints…

Your Stylist

Celebrate the person who keeps you looking your best with a stylish art print they will adore! For ideas about which art to choose, think back to your last chat in the chair… A modern art print that reflects their favorite city, favorite colors, or even compliments the style of their salon is a great choice, and there’s also a bevy of beautiful figurative art prints to choose from…

…maybe even a favorite star or two! (Image: Glam & Glory, by Saatchi Art artist Ines Kouidis. Art prints available from $100.)

(Image: Phyllis and Mabel, by Saatchi Art artist Isabelle Alford-Lago. Art prints available from $40.)

Your Nanny or Favorite Sitter

For the one that kindly cares for your kids or your four-legged friends day after day, only the best will do. Send them on a tropical vacation with a warm and inviting beach art print, or present them with a bouquet of color that will never fade in a framed botanical art print. Animal art prints are an unexpected but thoughtful gift for your favorite pet person, too.

(Image: For winter 6, by Saatchi Art artist xuan khanh nguyen. Art prints available from $66.)

Make your favorite dog lover an art lover this holiday season! Who could resist this guy? (Image: Jack Russell, by Saatchi Art artist Rankin Willard. Art prints available from $60.)

Your Host & Hostess

If you’re looking for a unique host or hostess gift, try thanking the welcoming ones in your life for all they do with an art gift that will last long after the wine you brought is gone. Small art prints for fantastic cooks, gifted gardeners, and design lovers can all make great gifts for your host this holiday season, and a guarantee you a seat at the table anytime!

(Image: saladier et pot, by Saatchi Art Artist Pascal Marlin. Art prints available from $69.)

Pineapples are a long standing symbol of welcoming hospitality…Why not gift your favorite host with one that lasts to show how much you value their holiday spirit? (Image: Southern Hospitality, by Saatchi Art artist Sarah Stokes. Art prints available from $45.)

Your Dependable Colleague

Art prints make a memorable way to thank those who made coming to work a joy this year. Gift an associate, boss, or your tireless and trustworthy assistant with art to show how much you appreciate their support.

(Image: Migration | Vermilion sky, by Saatchi Art artist M a r t y n o v a. Art prints available from $40.)

(Image: Tehos – I am Still Alive, by Saatchi Art artist Tehos Frederic CAMILLERI. Art prints available from $95.)

Your BFF… or Best Buddy

Need we say more? Art gifts are a super thoughtful, personal way to remind the one that always listens or always makes you laugh how much they mean to you, or celebrate a special experience you shared together.

(Image: Whatever You Are, Be a Good One, by Saatchi Art artist Kelly Puissegur. Art prints available from $90.)

… and Everyone Else Who Keeps You Going!

Pick out framed art prints to thank all the ones who clean, tend, and help keep you on top of it all, or let a prized professor, doctor, trainer, or teacher know how much you value them.

(Image: artsketchwithaview 5/6 (#149), by Saatchi Art artist Harry Moody. Art prints available from $90.)

With so many contemporary, modern and fine art prints available for giving, the possibilities for sharing your love of art are endless. Dive in and start your search for the perfect art gift now in our new Art Gifts—Prints for $100 and Under collection, or visit Saatchi Art’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide today…

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